Thursday, 28 June 2007

6op wiki brings you saviour from ugglebrain

Instead of a summary of what's been happening in 6op 1 libra, here's a link to the wiki we've started on it - there's even the start of a timeline as a way of introduction. I might still do a quick summary here at some point though, if I get time.

Why am I so interested in it? It's not like it's the only ARG out there, after all. I guess because a) there are only a few of us working on it at the moment, which is always nice, and b) the game seemed to "follow" me (or "stalk" perhaps) for a while. Soon after the initial sites were found and e-mail contact was made, a link to Sussex Uni's Informatics dept came up, followed by the phone number for Magpie. Having been a part of both these places in the last few years, it was only natural to be intrigued.

A couple of people I know have been "implicated" as part of the plot, although I'm still uncertain just how much they're involved. Still, the experience goes on.

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