Thursday, 28 June 2007

6op wiki brings you saviour from ugglebrain

Instead of a summary of what's been happening in 6op 1 libra, here's a link to the wiki we've started on it - there's even the start of a timeline as a way of introduction. I might still do a quick summary here at some point though, if I get time.

Why am I so interested in it? It's not like it's the only ARG out there, after all. I guess because a) there are only a few of us working on it at the moment, which is always nice, and b) the game seemed to "follow" me (or "stalk" perhaps) for a while. Soon after the initial sites were found and e-mail contact was made, a link to Sussex Uni's Informatics dept came up, followed by the phone number for Magpie. Having been a part of both these places in the last few years, it was only natural to be intrigued.

A couple of people I know have been "implicated" as part of the plot, although I'm still uncertain just how much they're involved. Still, the experience goes on.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Quickfire Post - 6op 1 Libra

If you're looking for something to do over the weekend, why not catch up with this thread on unfiction, and help us work out what the frooping hull 6op 1 Libra is all about. It's been a pretty odd few days - I'll write it up in a few days...

Monday, 18 June 2007

So you wanna be a Boxr?

Quick first-liner: Alice is Lost! has been updated with a second "intro-chapter", and accompanying hidden puzzle. Onwards...

An interesting game concept comes flying out of London's Hackday at the weekend: Boxr. (Shouldn't that be "Boxer?" "No." - web2.0 ed) The idea is basically a "capture the zone" run where teams compete to "tag" an area and then hold on to it (along with as many others as they can) for as long as possible. Each minute an area is owned, you get a point - simple. The fun bit is that each "zone" is a telephone box within a specific area, so running from phone to phone is the order of the day. Get to a phone, ring a number and dial in your ID to Pwn Dat Box!

Fun must ensue when you realise someone's making a call on the box you really need in order to win the game. Can violence be too far away? ("Peg off, Granny. Team 1337ZR needs to make a phone call...") And the game should progress faster and faster as players become increasingly less encumbered by carrying round a huge bag of 10 pence pieces in their pocket/on their back/in a trolley. (Do they still sell phone cards?)

Maybe something like the Payphone Directory could help in terms of getting a list of numbers together... Or maybe you actually only need, say, 5 phone boxes so long as other goals are introduced which force you away from the boxes regularly. Or something.

I guess it'd be easy enough to port the game over to other places - perhaps once the rain clears up, a match in Brighton should be arranged (although satellite images, on Google Maps at least, are a little poor).

(Via Vex Appeal.)

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Scott Reviews, Alice *still* Lost

If you look over on the left, you'll see a couple of links added. First up, I discovered Board Games with Scott, wherein Scott provides a cornucopia of videos reviewing various board games. I like his style, and am now seriously thinking of ordering a copy of The Pillars of the Earth. Still plenty of episodes to get through though, so maybe something else will swing my cash.

Secondly, I've stuck an extra, pictoral link into Eric Harshbarger's Alice is Lost!, just to show how excited about this one I am. If you haven't checked it out since last time I posted it, you may want to head over and have a look at the prologue. Various groups are also mobilising into action around it as well - continue perusing the site for links. Many thanks to Eric for letting me use the image, too.

This weekend I have mostly been playing Poker.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Perplex City: We hardly knew thee?

Not got much time to blog at the moment, but the big news of the weekend was that the second season of Perplex City has been postponed indefinitely, with the story team laid off. Having worked on coding projects in the past, I guess I have my own speculations about why this is, but they're probably wrong, and mostly unimportant anyway. For more information, speculation, and links to blogs (both in-game and out-of-game), have a read through the Perplexorum thread.

Still, sometimes there's a silver lining hidden round the bend. Eric Harshbarger of Mind Candy has announced his "side-project" called Alice is Lost!. Set to launch in Autumn, an Alice-themed ARG was always going to be inevitable. Personally, I can't wait...