Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Blatant Clue, Blatant. (Competition Time again)

So it looks like my previous assistance didn't help too much. The competition is still on, and sounds like some of you are getting a little desparate now ;)

Firstly, gargantuan sorries for not updating it sooner - those of you running on term times will know how frantic it gets around this time of year. Still, that's no excuse. (Really I've just been playing Super Monkey Ball, but shhhh.)

Secondly, it's time to start giving the game away some more. Reminder: first one to mail me the correct answer (brute forcing it won't count) gets the goodies as promised. Now, I'm not sure which part people are stuck on, so here's a handful of hints: Key order is key. If your collection isn't up to scratch, this site may help. Ignore the middle ground - the edge cases will give you the 'initial' clue, but you may need to fill in the gaps a little.

Practically speaking, if you're not adept with photoshop or the gimp, there's nothing wrong with a little paperwork to get things in line.


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