Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Competition: Extension. And Some Help.

It's time - high time - for an update on the PXC competition from last week. Tomorrow's the ultimate deadline, and a few entries have been winging in, but alas either I've made a mistake, or you've all been guessing.

So as nobody's got the correct answer yet, I'll offer some hints. "Fortunately" (for some), the PXC Stories site has been delayed until June, so the urgency of sending out keys doesn't have quite the same.. um... urgency. As a result, I'll keep the competition open for another week and a half before turning it into a "first correct solve wins" effort. That means the deadline is now Sunday 15th April, giving you Easter and a weekend.

A hint then? Hmm, ok. Well, the puzzle's a 2-parter (as I hope some of you have worked out...), and some graph paper may help you to expand upon the 2nd part. On one level, you will need to ignore what you see. Finally, if you're new to PXC, the wiki may be of use for identifying characters...

I'm far too kind. Go forth and solve.

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