Tuesday, 6 February 2007

A time of Great Change

So, it seems, February brings great upheaval. Apart from MindGames dripping out of the ear and running off into the night, rumours are that the Receda Cube has been found by an unknown party. The Malice Box Quest is set to finish on the 12th (and looks like I have some catching up to do...) Other ARG, Vanishing Point is wrapped. All good things, apparently, come to an end. But an end is just a beginning in disguise...

Anyway, this post is a semi-reminder to myself for things to post later. Here's my todo list...

  • Slyly advertise my new T-shirt "store". (Done. More designs to come. So many more...)

  • Maybe give away a T-shirt.

  • Run a competition to win my old Rubik's Linky Ringy Deluxey Thingy.

  • Reviews! Polarity and Fluxx will hopefully follow.

  • Some stuff on Season 2 of Perplex City, as it's imminent now...

Sigh. So much writing, so little time. Watch this space, anyway.

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