Thursday, 28 December 2006

Post the First

Well, welcome. A new blog, one to cover/focus on gaming, puzzling, Perplex City and associated themes. 'Gaming' is meant to draw on images of small groups huddled around a table, bouncing tiles, dice, cards and so forth off each other, but is otherwise pretty loose in the current day and age: card sets, magnets, and electronic widgety goodness will surely all appear here, although video gaming is (generally) a no-no. Maybe I'll elaborate later.

For now, kick back, add the XML feed to your feed reader of choice, and wait til I post some fun stuff, and/or get my own layout. Christmas was most generous in that its winds swept in some new gaming delights, including the Perplex City board game, and Polarity, so expect some reviews/thoughts on these, and various other opinions, ideas, and pointers to things you may find of interest.

Until next time, happy gaming!

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